MAME Rom Path Info

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MAME Rom Path Info

Post by Hierophant » May 8th, 2009, 10:47 pm


A lot of problems are encountered by newcomers to MAME due to incorrect rom path settings.

Here are my general instructions:

In MAME go Options>Directories>Browse>Program Files>MAME>roms and select roms as the directory name by clicking OK. The roms directory name should now read C:\Program Files\MAME\roms. Click OK again and a game search will start, following which Available games can show up in MAME.

Keep in mind this is a generalized setting. So long as the roms directory is pointed at the actual folder containing the rom files there are no worries. For example, say you have more than one version of MAME, you normally only need to set the rom path for all your MAMEs to a single rom folder, which is a good way to save space.

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