Incito's Arcade Cabinet Build - Completed!

Show us your cabinet, control panel, or clever mod. Tell us what you did and share how you did it. Bask in the glory!
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Re: Incito's Arcade Cabinet Build - Completed!

Post by Mblenkin » September 25th, 2017, 8:36 am

That cabinet looks great. I am in the process of up converting a golden tee 2002 cabinet right now so thanks for all the information.

How do you like the button configuration you have right now? I have the X-Arcade 2 player kit and the track ball and have laid it out using the Sega 1 layout from slag coin and find it pretty good but always in search of the perfect layout.

Would you be able to send me you control panel layout in .ai or .svg format?

I have my own done right now using Inkscape (Which by the way is an awesome free alternative to adobe) and would be willing to share with you.

Found most of the graphics from

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