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MAWS Search Tips

Post by Hierophant » December 19th, 2010, 3:27 am

MAWS Search Tips

Having trouble remembering a lost arcade treasure? Image
Use MAWS, the ultimate MAME database!

EDIT: Sorry, MAWS is down, but I'll leave this info here in the hope that it comes back someday.

1. Basic Search

If you remember part of a game's name, you can enter a search term under keyword / rom name, hit search, then scan the Results. Clicking a game name in the results list will go to that game's full page where there is a wealth of info, including game snapshots with zoom function and a list of Recommended Games in the same sub-genre.

2. Refined Search

There are a number of simple ways to improve on a basic search. Multiple refinements can be included in a single search:

a) Under the resource type drop down menu choose parents. This will exclude any clones from the search results.

b) You may remember the broader genre of the game you're searching for. Under genre add a genre like Fighter for example. This will exclude other genres from the search results.

c) You may remember a more specific category of the game's genre type. Under category add a category like Fighter / 2.5D for example. This will exclude other categories from the search results.

Other refinements like year and manufacturer may also prove useful.

3. Gallery Search

Under results choose gallery. This is an extremely useful visual aid to searching since it creates a gallery of snapshots for your perusal. You can also include any other refinements as mentioned previously.

4. Deluxe Search - MAME CHD

To call up a list of all the MAME parent roms that require a CHD, use the MAWS deluxe search option. Under resource type select parents, and under CHD required select yes.

It's especially important with MAME CHD games to realise that many of them are still in early stages of emulation. Check driver status, colour emulation, and sound emulation for indications. A blank, garbled or otherwise doubtful snapshot is also a sign of preliminary emulation status.

Even so, once you have an idea of which MAME CHD games may be worth downloading, there aren't always any guarantees that a particular game will run properly on your system. To run some games at full original performance in MAME, like Gauntlet Dark Legacy for example, would require immense resources well beyond the capabilities of current PC technology. Others, like Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, will generally work fine, even on an old Pentium 4.

Good hunting!
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