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MAWS Alternative - Caesar Logiqx

Posted: March 22nd, 2012, 5:09 am
by Hierophant
Since MAWS is still down after all this time (see here - MAWS Down (Dec 2011) - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1612), jyarrison had a nice idea to suggest a good alternative. My main fallback site after MAWS has always been Caesar Logiqx:

Caesar doesn't have half of the crazy free-form search options of MAWS, but it's still possible to access most of the same info there. Here's a demo:

Final Fight - Parent Game Search

1. From the main page under 'Search' go 'Game Search'.

2. In 'Search Criteria', 'Description', type - final fight - and hit the search button.

3. You'll arrive at a 'Results' list of the various versions; Japan, USA, World, etc. - ... tch=begins. Caesar is not quite as forthcoming as MAWS when it comes to distinguishing parents from their clones. Tip: Use a MAME GUI. In the icon toolbar of the GUI, mouse over until you see an icon called 'Grouped'. Selecting this puts each game's parent at the top of its section in the game list and offsets the clones below. Go into the 'All Games/Arcades' folder then type - final fight - in the GUI search window. You can then determine that Final Fight (World) is in fact the parent so click on that back at Caesar.

4. The Final Fight (World) section then shows up, subdivided by various emulators - ... ght#ffight. Click on Final Fight (World) next to MAME and you'll end up at the game's main page - ... ame=ffight.

5. The first data entry, 'Group', does finally reveal that Final Fight (World) is the parent. If you had randomly clicked on any other search result than Final Fight (World), say, Final Fight (Japan 900112), you would still see the (World) version next to 'Group' on the (Japan 900112) page and thus know that Final Fight (World) is the parent and Final Fight (Japan 900112) must therefore be a clone. A little complicated compared to MAWS, I know, but eventually gets the job done.

6. This is the cool part. After you finish perusing the info on the game's main page, go back and look at the section called 'Additional Info'. There are three links to take note of; History, MAMEInfo (game), MAMEInfo (driver).

7. History - Here you'll find a wealth of info about Final Fight, including a description of the game and it's place in arcade history, technical info, trivia, and so on. Awesome!

8. MAMEInfo (game) - Here are the MAME Dev WIP notes for Final Fight, plus, amongst other things, one part I always loved at MAWS, a list of recommended games in the same genre. Great!

9. MAMEInfo (driver) - Here are various records of MAME Dev work on the cps1.c driver that powers Final Fight and many other fun Capcom games. Interesting!

Re: MAWS Alternative - Caesar Logiqx

Posted: March 22nd, 2012, 10:18 am
by Thulsa
I second this. I used Caesar Logiqx before I came to mame and learned of MAWS.