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The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: March 28th, 2010, 1:06 pm
by Thulsa
Fellow Addicts I Thulsa DOOM!!! hereby challenge the users of MAME Addicts to a new competition. In order to keep things exciting with MAME and classic gaming I have come up with a new idea.

Here is the plan. We will take turns picking games in which to challenge each other for the high score. I will let other players know when it's their turn to choose a game. When the player is ready they will then announce their game here and post an opening score. From the time that both conditions have been met there will be two weeks of competition for the high score.

The high-scorer of the challenge receives all the glory and accolades that come along with it!

  • Rules!

    #1 The game is of my choosing or another MA member. If the game will not run on your PC or you hate that particular game you can wait til the next challenge. If you don't have the game?! Well this is MA you know where to get it!

    #2 People with at least 50 posts on MAME Addicts can participate. This will avoid the noob post saying they got 5 million on one quarter on a game they never heard of until they read this forum. Any posts made in this thread by someone with less than 50 posts will be deleted.

    #3 You must submit a screen shot of your score to qualify for the winning score that week. It can be either from the High Score Screen or from the Game screen at the end of your game. Anything that looks fudged fake or otherwise will be deleted. With the exception of Visual Pinball, any screen cap that shows additional credits will be deleted. So be careful how many times you press that quarter button! You must also type your score into your post for the record because images can easily disappear over time. Wait until the first score has been posted by the person who chose the game before posting any of your scores.

    #4 If you use the Hi Score screen you must submit your Name, Initials, or Tag to me ahead of time. For instance I use the letters DAN for all my hi scores since that is my name.

    #5 No cheats! No hacks! No clones! You only play with the ROM sets I post almost always this will the be the games Parent ROM.

    #6 Dip Switches and Settings for the game are to remain on the default settings provided by by game. If I make a change to one I will let everyone know so you can make the same change to your settings.

    #7 1 quarter challenge does not necessarily mean 1 quarter. I will let people know in advance how many quarters you get to use. Or if you get to continue after your first quarter.

    #8 We will be using the honor system folks. So please be honest.

    #9 Visual Pinball is now part of the Thulsa Doom Challenge. If you wish to play during a Visual Pinball week and are not aware of what it is, please PM a Moderator and they will assist you. It will be user's choice as to what they want to play during their challenge. Either MAME or Visual Pinball.

I am by no means an expert classic gamer so do not expect my scores to be so completely ridiculous that no one can beat them. In fact I expect to be beaten every two weeks if everyone participates.

This really is designed for the regular users of MA to have some fun. If we get people that come along and contribute to the site, hopefully they will one day want to take part in this challenge.

  • Thulsa Doom Challenge Scores and Winners

    1944: the Loop Master / 2,083,470 / Hierophant
    Final Fight / 535,930 / Hierophant
    Donkey Kong / 18,400 / Thulsa
    Punch Out / 54,690 / Nostalgia
    Marvel vs. Capcom / 1,158,500 / Hierophant
    Paperboy / 16,150 / Thulsa
    Altered Beast / 197,100 / Nostalgia
    Dynamite Dux / 169,120 / Hierophant
    Power Balls / 3,320 / Nostalgia
    X-Men / 181 / Hierophant
    Raiden / 309,320 / Hierophant
    Attack from Mars (VP) / 90,759,197,400 / Hierophant
    Tetris Plus 2 / 201,200 / Atarix
    Galaga '88 / 174,920 / Atarix
    Rampage / 189,875 / Eliaskeme
    Super Zaxxon / 9,500 / Jyarrison
    Blue's Journey / 121,590 / Eliaskeme
    Rescue Raider / 44,700 / Hierophant
    Joust / 54,600 / Thulsa
    R-Type Leo / 502,100 / Hierophant
    Space Invaders 95: Attack of the Lunar Loonies / 101,750 / Hierophant
    Tumble Pop / 566,000 / Eliaskeme
    Boogie Wings / 115,380 / Hierophant
    Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 / 1,123,150 / Hierophant
    Splatter House / 235,300 / Sneekyweezel
    Green Beret / 241,290 / Sneekyweezel
    Burning Force / 353,620 / Hierophant
    Fix it Felix Jr. / 102,800 / Sneekyweezel
    The Lord of the Rings (VP) / 196,683,450 / Hierophant
    Popeye / 48,220 / Sneekyweezel
    DoDonPachi / 13,332,400 / Hierophant
    AC/DC (VP) / 11,903,160 / Hierophant
    Double Dragon / 94,080 / Sneekyweezel
    Gauntlet II / Level 9 / PantherUK
    Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters / 507,400 / StarlingMax
    Bomb Jack / 852,090 / PantherUK
    Solomon's Key / 563,940 / Hierophant
    Rygar / 1,951,630 / StarlingMax
    Super Glob / 55,235 / StarlingMax
    Raiden Fighters / 18,197,190 / Hierophant
    Challenger / 198,800 / StarlingMax
    Berzerk / 13,870 / StarlingMax
    City Connection / 595,500 / StarlingMax
    Super Space Invaders '91 / 471,370 / Hierophant
    Medieval Madness (VP) / 835,632,530 / StarlingMax
    Numan Atheltics / 8 events - view scores / Incito
    Plus Alpha / 563,800 / StarlingMax
    Metro-Cross / 60700 / Incito
    TMNT: Turtles in Time / 122 / Incito
    Viper Phase 1 / 1,613,211 / Hierophant
    1941: Counter Attack / 924,600 / Hierophant

    Thulsa Doom Challenge Leaderboard

    1. Hierophant / 21 wins
    2. StarlingMax / 8 wins
    3. Sneekyweezel / 5 wins
    4. Eliaskeme, Nostalgia, Thulsa, Incito / 3 wins
    5. Atarix, PantherUK / 2 wins
    6. Jyarrison / 1 win

    Current Challenge Info

    Host: Incito
    Start Time UTC(0):
    Finish Time UTC(0):

    The current rotation order for the Challenge:


Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: March 28th, 2010, 9:49 pm
by Hierophant
Sounds like fun to me.


Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: March 29th, 2010, 6:45 am
by Nostalgia
Yeah, should be good!

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: April 27th, 2010, 1:50 am
by Hierophant
Have you given up on this idea, Thulsa, or are you just too busy at the moment?

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: April 27th, 2010, 3:26 am
by Nostalgia
Hmm lol.

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: April 28th, 2010, 6:12 am
by Thulsa

I have not given up on the idea but I have been extremely busy. I have some out of town training over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to get things going once everything calms back down for the summer. Honestly I kind of forgot all about this post I have been so busy. None the less this will happen.

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: April 28th, 2010, 4:21 pm
by Nostalgia
It's all good mate.

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: April 30th, 2010, 7:21 am
by Hierophant
Cool, good to know. :V:

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: May 18th, 2010, 4:06 pm
by Incito
MAN! I can't believe this post slipped past me. :wacko:

I am totally in!


You should also mention that messing around with the dip-switches is also a cheat. 10 cents here...I think it should be just 1 quarter. :evilgrin:

I just watched King of Kong again, and I have a itch to play that. btw I suck at DK. I barely make it to level 3.

BUT, this is Thusla's challenge, and therefore I must concede.

Re: The Thulsa Doom Challenge!

Posted: May 21st, 2010, 11:11 am
by Thulsa
Well things have been busy as of late. However I have screen caps from the first game I chose.

Currently I am at work. And cannot post them now.

If everyone wants to start giving it a whirl I chose 1944 the Loop Master

This is a one quarter challenge.

Here's a hint if you can get past to the third level on 1 quarter you will beat my score. I will post my score from the screen cap with the initials DAN and that will be my tag for every submission. So starting from today 5/21/2010 or 5/22/2010 based on your location around the globe you have one week to post your high score. Submissions end 5/28/2010 or 5/29/2010 location depending. lol

I chose this one because it is deceptively hard. You have a life bar and only one plane. The hit boxes seems rather large to me as you think you won't get hit by a bullet and wham you get smacked.

Chris: You are right about the dip switches I will add an addition to my original post. Only 1 quarter for some games is just brutal. lol I talked to hiero awhile back and we discussed letting everyone throw down a game for the challenge. I am all for that now since I have become so busy. Before I wanted it to be my own project but now I say we all take turns. BTW it will still be the Thulsa Doom Challenge though. lol Everyone can send me there ideas in a PM and I will start throwing them up on the boards after each challenge is done.