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Post by PantherUK » April 27th, 2015, 1:10 am

Gameplay will always win over fancy shmancy graphics... A friend and I were discussing this the other week and we came to the conclusion that the more lifelike the graphics become then the worse the gameplay seems to suffer... Naturally there are always exceptions to the rule, but the arcade games from 1990 and before with their colourful 16bit sprites and all the way back to the late 70's black and white games will always have more appeal to me... I had a Commodore 64 back in the mid 80's, in fact I've still got two of them in storage, and that's where my gaming really began with dodgy arcade conversions etc... But aside from the chunky graphics, the programmers seemed to manage to capture the gameplay 75% of the time... At 43 I'm not quite a dinosaur, but I remember when games used innovation and chip tunes as opposed to movie scores and churning out the same tired ideas again and again, I mean how many FPS games are there now and are any of them as fun as Duke Nukem 3D, for me the answer is no... For a good insight into the home gaming scene in the UK, I recommend looking at the film From Bedrooms To Billions, a lot of the people that started out at home back in the 80's are now behind some of the biggest titles made today and they explain how the industry has become afraid to make something different for fear of losing money, which is why there are about 82 versions of FIFA soccer and an infinite amount of FPS games...
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