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Cocktail Upgrade

Posted: March 22nd, 2016, 5:07 pm
by jeffery9076
:clapping: Hello jeff here NEWBIE, :clapping: I have a 60 in 1 cocktail table 2 sided arcade classics machine. 6 buttons each side plus 1 and 2 player on 1 player side.
Question 1== can I add third side with a add on 900 in 1 game horizontal and vertical add on
question 2 == does it matter which side the add on is on
question 3==do I have to rewire the existing buttons / I believe so
question 4-- can I buy a splitter board to operate original board and the add on boards
question5-- do they have a graphics that fits the side of my machine :V: (damaged) :lipssealed:

anything I have not addressed please feel free it is a jamma icade that's what comes up on the screen and is 1 year old