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Buttons and some stuff.

Posted: April 16th, 2014, 12:38 pm
by SpecialK
Hey guys. First post. My name is Kevin and I hate gaming on PC's. Major console fan boy. But things are changing thanks to getting back into the MAME game. My PC is finally geting used again. But It feels silly, so I am another one after the feel of the old cabs I use to play. Tried going to the arcade, but the teens I remember hanging in the halls are all preteens and this leaves me with my full face beard looking like a kiddy fiddler.

I did some searches and I did find some help in old posts, but just want to double check.

I am building a cabinet and first things first I want to get a controller made and tested. I am going with the Keyboard hack root, purely for the enjoyment of the DIY. If I get it functioning the way I want I will go on and build the full cab. I just wanted to check on how many buttons I will need. It seems 6 per player will be fine. I just want to find out how often I would need more.

The main focus is going to be on MAME, any NES, SNES and Gameboy games I will be playing on an old PC I have set up just for that. The other question I had is about the games and how they were run in the original cabs. The older 2D MAME games I am assuming will run on pretty much any semi decent PC. I had a ton of ROMS on my old P2 and they ran fine. But were the 3D games run on a Dreamcast system inside the cab? If so will I be needing to have a Dreamcast emulator to play them. And what sort of System will that require to run. I didn't really want to have any console emulators in the cabinet to keep the feel of it a little more traditional. But if that is what the games were played on, then I guess its inevitable.

The main 3D games I will be playing are mostly fighters. Later on I might add a light gun and play those games to.

Thanks for any help on this played out question. If there are any previous posts that you feel are worth my checking out just punch up the link.