Aaron's 3DArcade Gamelist Statistics Eraser v0.9a

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Aaron's 3DArcade Gamelist Statistics Eraser v0.9a

Post by aaronbewza » March 9th, 2012, 6:12 am

:done: Aaron's 3DArcade Gamelist Statistics Eraser v0.9a

Do you use 3DArcade as your frontend and want to easily reset all your gameplay statistics?
The ones I am talking about are the "times played" and "duration played" numbers, found in fields 31 and 32
of each entry in your gamelist (provided you have statistics switched "on" in the 3DArcade configuration utility).

This tool will completely and safely remove the numbers from those fields, as well as make a backup copy
of your gamelist which is created in the same folder, with "_backup" attached to it's name so
you know which one is which.

Direct Download:
3DArcade Statistics Eraser.exe


View the Source Code

Aaron Bewza
Bewza Software Group :bow:
March 09 2012
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