OLD computer what do you do?

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OLD computer what do you do?

Post by Incito » December 11th, 2008, 11:16 pm

So, you want to run mame on an old computer, I mean really old, like 8 years. You have tried plying mame, but the games are all jumpy.
What do you do?????

Decide if this is a MAME only computer, if so read on, if not then read option 2.

If you want to run those games here are some suggestion.
You ONLY real option it to load linux as your operating system because it make better use of the computer's resources, therefore it is not as heavy as windows.

I know nother of linux?

No sweat you have 2 options.
1) Install Ubuntu linux which is the MOST user-friendly out there. Then uses Synaptic Package Manager to find and install either: GXMAME or KXMAME. Bother are GUI and run like mame32.

2) Download Knoppix MAME which is a linux live CD. You put you roms in a FAT file system partition (Windows 98 dont have to worry about this) then reboot you computer and boot to CD. The knoppix mame IS you Operating System, you just have to point to the right files. This will allow you to keep your windows OS. THE DOWNFALL: you will have to piont to the files every time you boot to KnoppixMAME CD.

Here is my personal experience with it. I had an old laptop with 700MHz cpu and 256 ram run mame games just fine cause I used linux Ubuntu as my OS. I then installed gxmame via Administration>Synaptic Package Manager. I could play all games but games like judge dredd, but that games is lame anyway.

I you have more helpful information or questions please post.

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