MAME 0.133 Out Now!

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MAME 0.133 Out Now!

Post by Hierophant » July 20th, 2009, 8:20 am

Here is a list of cumulative game changes compiled from the whatsnew.txt of MAME 0.132u1 and the rest of the intermediate releases through to the latest official release, MAME 0.133:

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
New Double Bet Mahjong
Pro Soccer
Steel Worker
Pro Sports
Candy Puzzle
Harem Challenge
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (2 sets)
Bass Angler 2 (GE865 VER. JAA)
Laser Quiz
Laser Strixx 2
Laser Quiz 2
Magic Number
Magic Premium
Mahjong Private
Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise - Dear My Love
Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise - Doki Doki Hen
Woodpecker (set 2)
Teraburst (1998/07/17 ver UEL)
(Greyhound) Trivia (Questions Series 11)
Cliff Hanger
Cobra Command (M.A.C.H. 3 conversion)
Otenami Haiken Final (V2.07JC)
Back Fire (Tecmo)

New clones added
Give us a Break (6 versions)
Dambusters (US, set2)
Cruis'n Exotica (version 2.4)
Grand Striker (Americas)
Best League (World)
Grand Striker 2 (Europe and Oceania)(rev LA1 12/16/90)
Asteroids (rev 4)
Lupin III (set 1)
E-Jan Sakurasou (v1.2)
Bloody Roar 2 (World)
Super Basketball (version I, encrypted)
Super Locomotive (Rev.A)
Mario Bros. (US, Revision F)
Pae Wang Jeon Seol / Legend of Warrior (Korean censored)
Fruits & Bunny (clone of Country Girl)
Lost World (older)
Cactus (clone of Saboten Bombers)
Sunset Riders (bootleg of Megadrive version)
Millennium Nuovo 4000 (Version 1.3)
Millennium Nuovo 4000 (Version 1.6)
The Next Space (Japan, licensed to PIC)
Peter Pan
Knights of the Round (World 911127, bootleg)
Tehkan World Cup (set 3, bootleg)
International Toote II (World?)
SportTime Table Hockey (Arcadia, set 2)
World Darts (Arcadia, set 2)
Ninja Mission (Arcadia, set 2)
Sidewinder (Arcadia, set 2)
Witch Card (german?)
Super Free Kick (set 2)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Sports Shooting USA
Ranger Mission
beatmania IIDX
Hit Poker
Mahjong Shiseikatsu
Skeet Shot
Magical Truck Adventure
Johnny Nero Action Hero
Poly-Net Warriors
Sunset Riders (bootleg of Megadrive version)
The House of the Dead III
Jockey Club II (2 sets)
Quake Arcade Tournament
Turret Tower
Shootout Pool
Cobra Command (Data East LD)
Road Blaster (Data East LD)
Time Traveller
Super Cherry Master (incomplete set)