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New to MAME, Troubles with Crosshair

Posted: October 25th, 2017, 12:40 am
by Rerabox
Alright, so I just download MAMEUI cause regular MAME was eh. But I am having a problem with it on UI as I did with just MAME. I downloaded Carnevil because that game was something I played alot at Arcades when I was younger. The only problem though is that it seems like my crosshair and gun shots don't line up correctly. I have checked the FAQ but Q9 just says that if you have knowledge of the Tab menu, I should have no problem. I don't want to break anything and I already have it set up so my mouse can be used to control the crosshair, I just need help with the shooting.

CarnEvil Gun Calibration

Posted: October 30th, 2017, 5:39 pm
by Hierophant
Go to the game's Service Menu to calibrate the guns. This is quoted from MAMEDev:
MAMEDev wrote:

GUN CALIBRATION - Use F2 to enter Service mode. When the "Carnevil Main Menu" comes up, use the volume keys [ - ] and [ = ] to navigate yourself to the second option "Gun Calibration", then press F2
to select.
Follow the on-screen cues, aiming Left Top and Lower Left for each gun,
shooting at the X targets. When complete, navigate to "Exit" in the
menu, them press F2 to exit Service mode and return to the game."
Here is a video of what that looks like:

Carnevil - How to Calibrate Gun -

In the video the guy exits after calibrating Player 1 only. At about 10 seconds, the game's onscreen info indicates that the Credit button exits Gun Calibration.