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can't get mame64 to read joystick

Posted: May 11th, 2015, 11:37 pm
by trefrog
Hi. I've been messing around all day trying to get this to work. I'm using GlovePIE/ppJoy (including all the x64 driver hackery involved), and I've finally got my Wii remote w/ classic controller working nicely, except MAME (v0.161) won't read any joystick input. My virtual joystick shows on the Game Controllers control panel, and all the buttons work in there. FCEUX has no problems registering input. I'm using QMC2 as a front-end on Windows 7 x64, but at this point I'm bypassing that and running mame64.exe, basics. Searching around, I see some advice saying to "Enable Joystick Input" in the menu, but there is no such menu in the basic UI. All I can see is "Configure General Inputs". There must be something simple I'm missing.

Joystick works. Windows knows it. MAME's options show Joypad button 0's etc. configured. Just no response! :wtf:

Re: can't get mame64 to read joystick

Posted: May 12th, 2015, 3:06 am
by trefrog
WELL... I figured it out. I had to modify the script quite a bit... but short story, I switched from ppJoy to vJoy (1.x). The POV Hat doesn't seem to work properly, but the 1.x version is compatible with GlovePIE's [ppjoy.nnn] variables. I just had to reconfigure a few of MAME's global control options, due to the missing hat.

next up? ... look into vJoy 2.x, the mainstream version, which is apparently not ppJoy (and therefore GlovePIE) compliant. Then there is FreePIE... so maybe that's the way to go these days. :wistle:

Re: can't get mame64 to read joystick

Posted: May 12th, 2015, 8:02 am
by Incito
Out of curiosity, what are the benefits of using the hacked wiimote with Mame, besides sounding pretty cool?
I hacked a PS3 remote into a wireless arcade controller once (about 7 years ago). It was fun to do. I wanted a wireless controller on the cheap. The PS3 controller only cost me $14. I ended up selling it after having it for about a year.

You should post your script edit here using the code.

Code: Select all

It looks like this and deactivates the code so stuff like this link <a href="">does not work</a>

This might give my Wii a purpose again .... or at least the wiimote. :tongue: