How to Install MAME

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How to Install MAME

Post by Incito » January 12th, 2014, 9:52 am

In this instruction I am using MAMEUIFX 0.132, found in the downloads section.

All the same concepts will apply to any MAME32/MAMEUI version.

This instruction is considered "easy" and should only take 5 minutes. Have your controller already plugged in.

1- Download MAME. The software is "Stand-alone" and therefore does not need to be installed into the filesystem.

2- Make a folder called MAME (or whatever name you want) and place it in the C:\ drive. You can actually place it anywhere you want, but for this instruction I will use C:\MAME.

3- Put your download in the folder you created. (C:\MAME\

4- Extract the contents into your folder so that you can see all the folders (a.k.a directories) within C:\MAME. You should see folders like "roms" and "snaps".
View example of this here.

5- Get your roms and place them in the "roms" folder. LEAVE THEM ZIPPED.

6- Start MAME.

7- You will see a list of games now, BUT these are the "All Games" games, NOT the games you have. Some versions of MAMEUI will have these marked with red.

8- On the top-left, click on the "Available" games. This will bring up another list. If you have games listed, you are done, so go to step 10. If no games are listed, go to step 9.

9- Go to "Options>Directories". Choose "ROMs" and point it to the roms location.
In my example, it would be C:\MAME\roms. Once you do that, MAME will search for compatible roms.
Note: You may have to use the "Refresh" found in the menu bar under "View".
View example here.

10- By default, your controller should already be enabled. However, we are going to be sure that it is.
Enable your controller by going to "Options>Default Game Options>Controllers". Tick the "Enable Joystick Input" check box.
View example here.


You can watch the full How to Install MAME video below as well.

Be sure to check out the MAME FAQs! :yes: