did 0143 kill triple monitor gaming

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did 0143 kill triple monitor gaming

Post by PeBo » September 21st, 2011, 11:25 am

First, I'm using two nVidia GTX580's for the 3 monitors (2 monitors on card0, and 1 monitor on Card1). It should also be noted that I'm running MAmeUI64.

I fully understand the settings required to set up and select screens for 2 or three games, so I don't need help with these option...I've used them since the first 2 screen games were included). I've spent countless hours tweaking these to no avail.Prior to version 143 I had no problems with multiple monitor gaming (Darius II is sooo schweet!) and have created ini files for each of the 2 and 3 screen games.

Since 0143 however, I am encountering problems. When I first load mame, I can run a 3 monitor game fine, but if I close that game and open another, multiple monitor support is gone until an actual system shutdown and re boot. The game will attempt to load - the screen goes blank (a white border around monitors 2 and 3) as if it's about to work fine, then the screens flash, and MAMEUI is closed without warning.

Further dual monitor games will not work unless I use one monitor from each card (screen 2 and 3 work fine, but setting up to use screens 1 and 2 (which reside on a single card) the games try to initialize, then MameUI unceremoniously closes just like it does with 3 screen games).

I assume the death of 3 monitor games is related to using two screens on one card, since that seems to be the problem with 2 screen games.

I've read all the "what's new's" since the release of 143, but see no mention of a known problem concerning multiple monitors.

I've kept a copy of 142u4 for use with multiple monitor games (it works as flawlessly as always), but this is a major caveat with 143, which I can't find mention of anywhere.

Again, it works fine if the 3 monitor game is the first I play, but only the first instance will load. If I wish to play a second 3 monitor game, I have to perform a cold boot between each game. A real pain.

Since a cold boot fixes it every time, I'm thinking that either the GPU cache is not being correctly cleared between games, or that 143 has introduced some previously non-existent memory leaks. But seeing as I stand in awe of just how well the tiny mame app does what it does, I would never be so arrogant as to claim to know what's really breaking this.

I sure would like to know if someone else is experiencing the same weirdness though. I have to believe this is an issue with the latest MAME build (or at least the latest MAMEUI build), and not with crapolla Win 7 64 or the latest nVidia drivers since version 142u... of MAME works perfectly.

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