Hello from Lambros

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Hello from Lambros

Post by lambros1981 » August 14th, 2015, 6:18 pm

Hello everyone,

New member here and really glad to be here...I actually stumbled on the forum while trying to build my mame cab and really liked the attitude and of course the great cabs!

I recently finished my cab (well such projects are never truly done) and now Im mostly messing with software and cosmetic updates - the cab is inspired by Star Wars which is my fav movie series of all time. Ive wanted to take on the project for the past 2 years but it all seemed overwhelming since I have little build experience (and patience). Finally decided to just go for it and with the help of my father we got it done - a lot of beers, weeks, and tools/matterials later! It was so worth it - Sometimes its best to just take the first step...

Anyway Im in my 30s now and I truly grew up with great arcades : double dragon, shinobi, altered beast, sf2, mk, aero fighters, bubble bobble, techan world cup, super sidekicks, wonder boy, final fight, snow bros, outrun.....and the list goes on. Seeing these machines still bring awe to me and it is great to find others who wish to preserve all this history. No xbox or ps4 can compare with these beauties....they are art!

Still love playing these games , and no quarters are needed now....glad to be here and looking forward to cool discussions.

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Re: Hello from Lambros

Post by Hierophant » August 15th, 2015, 2:10 am

G'day Lambros :hello:

MAME truly is an amazing piece of human ingenuity. It's mind-numbing to think about how many man-hours must have gone directly into the project since it began in 1997. Then there's the knock-on effect of everyday people who, while not directly involved, feel inspired to show their support in some small way by creating places like this where they can help each other out and have some fun with MAME.

Star Wars sounds like a great way to go for a MAME cab. I hope you'll give us a peek at it in the Cabs forum sometime.


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