Hello everyone

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Mame Addict Extreme
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Hello everyone

Post by Voljega » August 14th, 2015, 7:28 am

Hello everyone,

First I want to thank you for all your posts, because finding this forum has convinced me to give a try again at the long delayed task of rebuilding a working MAME collection.
And all the infos I found here have been very helpful !

My first encounters with MAME date back to a MAME32 0.106 a little less than ten years ago and i still remember downloading a pretty heavy set of more than 2000 games rom by rom !
After a few years playing with it, I forgot a little about it and didn't touched much after that.

But this year the longing came back and I downloaded a more recent version to use my old rom collection. I think you all know how well that went ;)

So I got myself a cleaned collection found on the web, built on MAME 0.152 and sadly with a MamePlus GUI 1.5.8 something which was full of very annoying bug.
But I was so glad to see that Virtua Fighter or recent fighting games like Soul Calibur were working well !

After that I bought myself two arcade sticks so I decided to try to correct all the problems I had, even more after going to this new arcade near my home, pretty slick and full of games (new games and classics even if more classics would be a good thing !) Here is the list of their games (It's in french, just scroll down) : http://www.arcadestreet.fr/log/?page_id=25

And since late yesterday night (I should really say early today!) thanks to all your advices and posts, I've been able to resolve all my remaining problems :
- Retrieve all the roms which didn't support import from 0.106 to 0.152 and make them work. (Well 5 of them are still not working including my favorites Spy Hunter and Sly Spy but I still have to dig for alternate versions)
- Changing the GUI to another one : I was in the dark about what functionality were related to MAME CMD and which one were related to the GUI, but it seems everything except well... GUI ( :yes: ) is MAME CMD. I managed to upgrade to MameGUI 1.8.0 wich seems to have corrected a lot of bug but sadly is still well old looking... I'd like to try a frontend or something but I have to learn a little because I would like to be able to use the standard favorites.ini folder from MAME CMD
- Use working controls for gun games !

There's still a lot I don't understand and I'll need them to work toward my goal of maintaining a clean and easily upgradable rom collections with all favorites/config kept along. I'll need that in ten years when I'll upgrade my MAME CMD again :blush:

So I think the Help section of this forum will come in handy when I'll need it !

Well then again, thanks for all your help !

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Re: Hello everyone

Post by PantherUK » August 14th, 2015, 12:19 pm

Hey there... Welcome to Mameaddicts, it's great to hear that the help section has given you plenty of assisstance... Any other questions you have can be asked there... :thumbsup:
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Re: Hello everyone

Post by Hierophant » August 15th, 2015, 2:55 am

G'day Voljega :hello:

Thanks for letting us know that our info has helped rebuild your MAME collection. It's nice to see that you have a do-it-yourself attitude and fixed many problems already. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is any MAME stuff that still is bothering you.

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