Small site change - added links

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Small site change - added links

Post by Incito » May 27th, 2013, 9:38 am

We have added the downloads page on the root of the site as well as much needed Links.
This will better server MA as guest will not have to sign up for a quick download.
Also, site links is finally added.
These links will be located at the left of the navigation bar. That side will be for links that does not require registration.
On the right will will be links that require registration, minus the site search which will remain open for everyone.

Posting in MA will remain for members only.
Searching for post is open to anyone.

Warning :$p@mmers: :tongue:

If you plan on buying an X-Arcade (a.k.a XGaming) product, please access their site using the banner in the Downloads page. MA has a partnership with them and they give MA a commission. This will go directly to MA and help pay for expenses as well as broaden the services we can offer. Management does not get a dime of it. Trust me. :crying:

Be sure to check out the Links page. Lots of good resources there.