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Registration and Posting Information

Post by Hierophant » December 1st, 2012, 4:37 am

UPDATE: Sorry, we are not taking any new registrations as the site is set to close down at some point in the relatively near future.



To help keep MAME Addicts (MA) a $p@m free zone, account registration is by administrator approval only. Your details will be checked against the Stop Forum $p@m database. Certain usernames, IPs, and email addresses/domains are already on our ban list. The registration page will inform you if this is the case.

Your answers to the two antibot questions on the registration form will be reviewed. Fooling around with the antibot questions will not be tolerated and your account will be deleted before it even gets started! They are straightforward questions so just give correct answers in English and there will be no problems there.

Vulgar, racist, or other such ugly usernames will not be accepted. The same goes for company or product names.

Since I'm doing this all by hand, account activation may take some days. Please be patient. Making multiple accounts won't make things happen any faster. In fact, if that practice is detected then all of your accounts may be deleted!


After your MA account has been activated by an administrator, you will automatically be placed in the "Newly Registered Users" group. Posts from new members are placed in a queue for moderator approval.

After the required number of approved posts has been reached, you become a normal "Registered User" and your posts appear as soon as they have been submitted. Any post may still be subject to moderation, though. After submission, you get 30 minutes to delete your post if you decide to do so. It's always wise to use the "Preview" option to check if you're happy with your post before hitting "Submit", especially if there are any links, images, or videos included. You can also use the "Save Draft" option if you would rather work on your post again later.

Members who have proven themselves worthy of the "Gold Skull" rank get unlimited edit time on their own posts.

There are two easy ways to catch up with recent posting activity via the top menu bar. The "Quick links" drop down menu contains a "New posts" item. The bell "Notifications" item has an unread notifications marker and a drop down list which includes new posts. You can also use the "Topic tools" menu (that's the spanner icon next to "Post Reply") to subscribe to any particular topic and receive email notifications. In a similar fashion, an entire forum can be subscribed to via the spanner icon next to "New Topic".

Always keep the "Site Rules" in mind when posting. Site Rules are hard to miss since they're in the "Announcements" section of every MA forum. "How to Use MAME Help" has further information specific to posting in the MAME Help forum. Also be aware that some sections may have their own special rules for posting, such as the "My Recommended MAME Games" project or "The Thulsa Doom Challenge!". Read the rules in such sections to avoid potential post deletion, warnings, or bans.

Good luck, have fun and get posting!
Hiero :hello: