PSXjin AVI Recording Guide

Although we like to keep it MAME only here, if you just HAVE to post about other emus, then here you go.
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PSXjin AVI Recording Guide

Post by Hierophant » January 10th, 2012, 1:41 am

PSXjin AVI Recording Guide

Software Links:

PSXjin -

VirtualDub - ... =directory

XviD -

If you're at all familiar with internal AVI recording methods in other emulators, then making PSX gameplay videos couldn't be much easier, thanks to PSXjin. This is very handy if your old PC gets lag with external screen recorders like Fraps.

Please note! Even though this recording method is fairly straightforward, PSX emulation itself can sometimes be a complicated affair. The following was written on my first day using PSXjin and only one game was test recorded. Although you may be able to improve the performance of some games by messing around with the configuration settings, inherent emulation issues are not my problem here so don't bug me about them.

Once you have PSXjin set up properly (hint: you need to add Scph1001.bin to the bios folder), run a game and go File>Movie>Start Recording and do some gameplay. This will record a small PJM input file without causing any lag during play. Once you're done, go File>Movie>Stop Movie.

Begin replay of the input file with File>Movie>Start Playback, then go File>Record AVI. You can either choose a codec or record uncompressed. XviD MPEG-4 Codec is my preferred form of compression. There may be some lag during recording of input playback but the AVI that gets made will generally play fine. Go File>Stop AVI to finish recording.

Now, you may notice an odd thing when you go to the PSXjin movies folder to check the results; as well as the AVI there will be a separate WAV file for the audio. For every ~2GB worth of video recording there will also be a separate AVI segment. The WAV is automatically associated with the AVI, so everything should play back normally in a media player so long as you used compression and the AVI is not segmented. Media players may have difficulty with an uncompressed recording. The main problem is though, if you want to upload your gameplay to YouTube with the audio included, then the WAV will need to be integrated back into the AVI and AVI segments may need to be joined. That's easily done with VirtualDub.

In VDub go File>Open video file and browse to your vid. If your movie got segmented, then also go File>Append AVI segment in the correct order for each subsequent part to join them back together. Go Audio>Audio from other file and choose the WAV file that got made during recording. Go Video>Compression>select XviD MPEG-4 Codec>OK. Finally, go File>Save as AVI and VDub will process your vid. If you're happy with the end result you can either edit it further in another movie software or upload it to YouTube as is.

Here's my test recording of the attract mode from the delightful, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile:

Hiero :hello:

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