Name of Side-Scrolling Flying Game? [Solved]

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Re: Name of Side-Scrolling Flying Game?

Post by mattp » October 30th, 2013, 12:16 am

Thanks for your recent posts Hierophant, PantherUK and Starlingmax.

Promise not to be angry with me...? I've been playing Sky Kid again and now I think it may be my game after all. From the beginning I've felt strongly that my game was named Sky Kid - overall that name is my strongest memory of the game.

I was previously convinced Sky Kid was not my game, because the gameplay seemed quite different to what I remembered. Also the graphics seemed unsophisticated compared to what I remembered…and there was no helicopter. What I think has happened is that I've subconsciously "romanticised" an old favourite, making it bigger and better in my memory than it ever was.

Looking back at information in my earlier posts, Sky Kid ticks most of the boxes – most notably:
* It scrolls left (which I think is probably rare).
* Clouds are a big feature.
* The time frame is correct: I played my game in 1990-1991 (Sky Kid was released in 1985, during an era where games would remain in arcades many years after release).

Problems Resolved
* Pedalled helicopter and superior graphics: I think my memory simply merged Sky Kid with Alex Kidd in Miracle World – which was released in 1990 in Australia. Alex Kidd contains pedalled helicopters and the graphics are similar to what my memory had invented about Sky Kid. Did I mention that I owned Alex Kidd and that I played it to death? Also the Sky Kid biplanes are comically small in proportion to the pilot’s body and could easily be confused with an Alex Kidd style “peticopter” – by a young child.
* Sky Kid seemed harder than my game…but after playing it again these last 2 days, it’s actually pretty easy. There is a Namco Sipem licence ROM version which is harder – I may have been playing that when I wrote my original post.
* Balloons: I was most likely remembering the breakable blue and red orbs from Alex Kidd.

All of that being said, Sky Kid memories have not yet come flooding back during play…though the more I play it – the more convinced I am. One aspect stands out: being able to hold Up and rapidly push Button 2 to recover from a collision – I’m pretty sure I remember that as a child.

I still don’t feel 100% confident Sky Kid is my game but I think that’s mostly emotional. All signs point to a positive identification. I bet after a few weeks of play I’ll be more convinced than ever.

Thanks for your help and your patience. Sorry about the wild goose chase…I think I’m ready to call off the search!


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Re: Name of Side-Scrolling Flying Game?

Post by PantherUK » October 30th, 2013, 5:39 am

No anger here mate, thanks to your hunt (wild goose chase :wink: ) I have discovered 3 or 4 games that I may well have overlooked so it's all good...
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Re: Name of Side-Scrolling Flying Game?

Post by Hierophant » October 31st, 2013, 1:51 am

No worries, Matt, memory can be a vague, mysterious thing sometimes. There have been a few unresolved searches in here before that made me wonder if people's memories had somehow mixed elements from multiple games into one. That's fine, though. The people who reply in here enjoy trying to help track down these lost treasures of our youth.