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mame gamepad controller loses settings/configuration

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Hey guys,
new to mame here.
I'm using mame0.816ui. My Xbox 360 controller wireless keeps losing the config in Mame. I thought it was happening when I launched mame without my controller turned on but tried it again today and lost the config again even though the controller was on. I changed the config file to be read only, not sure what else to do. any suggestions. I have mame and roms in the root of c drive.

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G'day :hello:

One thing to keep in mind; if you ever disconnect a controller, make sure to connect it to the same USB port as before to avoid losing custom MAME settings.

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Also, make sure to properly close MAME with your changes for them to stick. Tab then close MAME. Doing that and the USB slot and you should be OK.
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