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Slight VS. palette/sprite fixes if anyone's interested.

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Really very slight fixes. Things that just sort of bugged me. If any of them interest you, you can message me and I'll email them to you.

Vs. Super Mario Bros. - Fixed Fire Mario's clothes being bright yellow instead of off white. Made Luigi's clothes slightly darker green so he doesn't blend in with the hills.

Vs. Dr. Mario - Fixed Mario's skin so isn't bright yellow anymore. Clipboard paper is less obviously purple.

Vs. Balloon Fight - Fixed balloon fighter's clothes inverting colors during sliding animation. Added an X over the 2 player graphic (because it doesn't work properly in MAME.)

Vs. Tennis - Made 1 and 2 player options the only ones visible. (for 2 player cocktail modes.)

Donkey Kong Jr. - Made DK's chest match his chest in DK1. Fixed a problem with Mario's sprite. (He grows a neck when holding the whip up.) Fixed DK Jr's feet being brown when facing foreward.

Also, Did anyone notice the Vs. Dr. Mario artwork (marquee and fan-made bezel) swapped the colors of the viruses?
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Horns, Ears, Antennae
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Actually, some of the color variations I noticed but I was not compelled to do anything about it. I too can be OCD, but less now that I use to be. It's a good thing to have OCD folks to notice and make adjustments. :yes:

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